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Standard bobbin for: - Traditional single drive spinning wheel - Traveller single drive spinning wheel - Joy spinning wheel - Joy 2 spinning wheel - Kiwi spinning wheel - Kiwi 2 spinning wheel - Electronic Spinner

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This cute little niddy noddy makes a beautiful small 90cm (1yd) skein or hank. Ideal for making sample skeins. Made from solid Silver Beech hardwood with removable ends for storage or transport.

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To calculate the tension or gauge of your yarn use this simple tool. Wrap the yarn in either the 25 or 12.5mm (1-1/2in) slot and count the number of wraps. Made from lacquered Silver Beech hardwood. Comes complete with leather loop and wrap/gauge table.

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For quiet effortless spinning 
Transparent 15ml - ½ oz squeeze bottle. 
Convenient 32mm - 1¼” blunt needle applicator for hard to reach bobbin, flyer and wheel bearings. 
The aluminum cap has a neoprene seal and air tight sealing scabbard. 
The bottle contains non-staining, high grade, aromatic-free, white mineral lubricating oil classified as non-hazardous. 
The bottles are sealed in an outer mini grip bag for added security. 

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Keep your spinning wheel well maintained and it will last a lifetime!  The kit includes 15ml special lubricating oil (non-staining), threading hook, tension spring, flyer hooks, leather conrod connector and clip, brake and drive bands. 

Wondering what some of these items are:

Clear short length of solid plastic tube? 
This is the con-rod joint now supplied in all spinning wheel kits. The new plastic con-rod joint replaced the leatherjoint on older model spinning wheels. On current models you will notice a hole drilled in the con-rod (the woodenpiece that goes from the crank to the base of the wheel) to take the plastic con-rod joint.

A small piece of white ribbon? 
This is the threading hook tape. Tie it to your threading hook to conveniently hang your hook on your wheel.

A tiny flat back circular piece of metal? 
This is the E-clip now supplied in all spinning wheel kits. This replaced the rubber O-ring which is placed on theend of the metal crank (which goes through the middle of the wheel). There is a groove cut in the crank to take anO-ring or and E-clip.

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Attractive wooden skeiner. Clamps to table and easily adjusted to hold a wide range of skeins ready for winding onto shuttles or making into balls. Smooth and quick rotation.

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Preserve, protect and enhance wheels, looms and all your craft accessories with this quick and easy to apply environmentally-friendly, low gloss finishing wax polish.

Made from beeswax and tree oils, it is ideal for new natural timber or rejuvenating and restoring loved and lacquered products. Apply with a soft rag, steel wool or Scotchbrite, then buff to a deep rich lustrous finish with a soft cloth. No other finish is required. Non-flammable, non-toxic. 75gms.

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Drop spindles are portable and affordable. You can make gorgeous yarn from fibre using the instruction leaflet included. Made from silver beech hard wood. Student size and weight - 85mm (3⅓ins), 80gm (2¾ozs)

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Drop spindles are portable and affordable. You can make gorgeous yarn from fibre using the instruction leaflet included. Made from silver beech hard wood. Classic - 100mm (4ins), 90gm (3ozs)

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This is your first carder for preparing individual staples of fleece wool. The turned handle is comfortable to hold and use. The medium 72 point cloth has stainless steel wire and long-lasting rubber backing. The Silver Beech hard wood is durable and robust. The flick carder can also be used for cleaning the drum carder.

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Hand carders are used in pairs to prepare fibre or blend fibres or colours. They are lightweight and easy to carry and are used to produce small rolags ready for spinning. These hand carders have medium cloth for most fibres (72 point) and have stainless steel wire and rubber backing.

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Blend fabulous fibres in your favourite colours and create beautiful rolags for spinning on the Ashford Blending board.  


- Rotating and adjustable keel
- Large 12" x 12" carding area
- 108 point card cloth
- Convenient carry handle
- Blending brush and two dowel rods for drafting and removing the rolags
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Currently unavailable

A spindle with removable bars for winding balls on the spindle and unique wire hook.

  • take wherever you go
  • affordable
  • solid Silver beech hardwood
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