Embroidery Thread




    Decorating a fabric with thread and needle is one of the most ancient arts in history. Embroidery is believed

to be over 2000 years old and, thoughout time, men and women used it for home decoration, garments and

religious vestments as a mark of wealth and status. 


    The art of embroidering has evolved in many different ways and nowadays, besides its unquestionable utility

value, it is mostly enjoyed as a technique which can slow down the pace of life, support relaxation and self

expression. Through embroidery, people truly experience the pleasure of creating something unique, for

themselves or to offer to those they love.

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Anchor Stranded Cotton is a 6 strand extra long staple 100% Egyptian cotton embroidery thread. Each strand can be divided into 2 single piles.

It's ideal for Cross Stitch, Freestyle embroidery, Canvaswork and other forms of counted Thread embroidery.

£0.85 / unit(s) *

Anchor Stranded Cotton is a superior 6 strand extra long staple 100% Egyptian cotton embroidery thread, where each strand can be further divided into 2 single plies.

It's pull free skeins allow the perfect length to be "removed" from the skein without disrupting the skein itself. This construction makes it particularly versatile across all types of embroidery, making it the most popular embroidery thread around the world.

£0.90 / unit(s) *
Anchor Lamé is a strandable metallic embroidery thread which is primarily used in conjunction with Anchor Stranded Cotton for additional effects in embroidery.
£1.80 / unit(s) *

Anchor Metallic embroidery threads add that extra sparkle to your embroidery craft projects. It'is a fine hand embroidery thread with a chain construction, which is ideal for tassel-making, cord making and projects where longer lengths of thread are required.

The construction is a single ply thread on 50m spools.

£3.10 / unit(s) *
Anchor Astrella skeins provide a textured antique appearance and handle, which makes it perfect for Couching and general metallic effects in embroidery.
£1.65 / unit(s) *
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