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A wonderful soft blend of 50% merino wool and 50% cotton. Wool Cotton has been in the Rowan range for many years and owes it's longevity to the high twist in the spinning, which helps create knitted designs with a beautiful drape and great stitch definition. Wool Cotton 4 Ply is a very welcome new addition to the range.

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As we approach September 2012, Kim Hargreaves' new book Quirky arrives with the bewitching words 'Thrown Together again ... on the cover. The book includes 21 designs for women. Patterns include all the garments that Kim does so well - chic to romantic through to tom boy but always classic. Quirky is set to be another best seller.
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Studio 27 is a fun and fresh collection designed by Amanda Crawford. 'Spring retro' look reflects the current trend for 1950's inspired fashion. Knitted in our ever popular Wool Cotton, this summery collection also introduces the new Wool Cotton 4 Ply.
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Rowan Studio 31 - into the blue, designed by Lisa Richardson.  This collection is Rowan's interpretation of what to wear with your denim favourites using Wool Cotton 4 ply, including sloppy joes, grandad  style cardigans for lazy Sundays to pretty polka dot cardigans and lace fronts for playsuit cover-ups.

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A charming collection of 21 designs for children aged ranging from 3 to 10 years.

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